Unblock or Reset Password of ePass 2003 Token CSP Version 2.0

If you have ePass 2003 Token CSP Version 2.0 and the token is blocked due to  10 time wrong password entry then unlock the token using following steps.

For unlocking your ePass 2003 Token CSP Version 2.0 first check that you have ePass Token Version 2.0, This process will not on ePass Token Version 1.0.

If you bought New Digital Signature ePass 2003 Token after July 2018 and your token locked due to wrong password then follow the following steps.

How to Check/Find ePass 2003 Token Version?

For checking ePass 2003 Token CSP Version open “ePass 2003 Token Manager application” and check as showing in below Screen Shoot.

Unblock ePass 2003 Token CSP Version 2.0Click on Image to see Large Image

Make sure You Have latest ePass2003 Drivers

Make sure you have installed latest ePass 2003 Token Drivers in your system. Remote Unblock Client works only on 180929 and above driver version.

If your system is having earlier driver version installed, then first update it by clicking on Update button as shown in image below.

Unblock ePass 2003 Token CSP Version 2.0

Download ePass 2003 CSP v2.0 Unblocking Software

Now Download Remote Unlock Client software for Unblocking you ePass 2003 Token CSP v2.0, download and unzip the software for using the software.

Click on following link to download the software.

Download Now

Application size: 456kb

Unzip & Unlock ePass Remote Unlock Client Application

Extract the downloaded Remote Unblock Client application and open the RemoteUnlockClient.exe dialog Box showing as below.

Connect the Token which you want to unblock and Click on Generate Challenge Code button.

If you get Reply Code SN¡¢Cert Transmit Success, please check the eMail ID which is given in the DSC present in the token for Activation/Response Code. (Please refer last page of this document to know how to get/see eMail ID of DSC from blocked token.)

Activation/Response code is sent from email ID tokenunblock@charteredinfo.com

Enter the Received Activation code in text box present in Input Response Code and Click on Unlock Button.

Enter the new Password which you Required and Confirm it.
Password should be 8-digit alphanumeric character.
After successful unblock you will get the message Unlock success!

How to get/see the eMail ID of DSC from blocked ePass 2003 token.

How to see Registered Mail ID of Digital Signature from ePass 2003 Token and any other token if its blocked or not.

  1. For Identify the Registered eMail ID from the blocked token, please Plug-in token to USB Port.
  2. Open the Internet Explorer and Open Tool Menu ➔
  3. Select Internet Option ➔
  4. Select Content Tab ➔
  5. Click on Certificate Button
  6. Find out present certificate into the token and Select it.
  7. Click on View Button
  8. Certificate Dialog Box is Opened.
  9. Click on Details Tab and find the field Subject Alternative Name
  10. On click on that field you will find the registered email id into the Digital Signature Certificate.

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Unblock or Reset Password of ePass 2003 Token CSP Version 2.0