How to Unlock ePass 2003 Token

ePass 2003 e-Token is used in India for Storing Digital Signature Certificate of Sify Safescrypt, e-Mudhra, (n)Code, Capricorn & V-Sign.

If your Digital Signature Token (ePass 2003 Token) blocked due to wrong password and if your token version is 1.0 then follow the following process and if your token version is 2.0 then click on ePass 2003 Token V2.0 link and follow the process.

** If after following the process your token is still blocked or “SO PIN” is not working then consult with your Digital Signature seller and buy an new Digital Signature **

Steps to Unlock ePass 2003 Token V1.0

  1. Insert your ePass 2003 Token
  2. Open website
  3. Click on Support Menu > Unlock ePass 2003 Token
  4. Download Software (go down to download software)
  5. Unzip Software and Open Software
  6. Right side of software, scroll down and you will see “Unblock” menu
  7. Click on “Unblock” menu, you will see a new window
  8. Put SO PIN: “entersafe
  9. Put your new Password and click OK button
  10. Now you will see password change confirmation massage
  11. Close Unblocking Software and open ePass 2003 Token Manage
  12. Click on Login Button and put your new password

Unblock or Reset Password of ePass 2003 Token CSP Version 2.0

If you bought New Digital Signature ePass 2003 Token after July 2018 and your token locked due to wrong password then click on the following link and follow the steps.

Unblock or Reset Password of ePass 2003 Token CSP Version 2.0

Download ePass 2003 unblocking Software


Download Now

UNLOCK SO PIN: “entersafe“

Few things you should know about ePass 2003 e-Token

  1. It is not a memory stick, you can’t use it for storing your data like File, Movie, Songs etc.
  2. It is a cryptographic device (token) that can only store your digital certificate and its keys.
  3. ePass 2003 Token is protected by a PIN Code.
  4. Remember your PIN Code and do not disclose it to anyone!
  5. Do not delete any object from the token! If you delete the certificate or its keys, you will need to buy a new certificate.
  6. ePass 2003 e-Token will lock if you enter the wrong PIN Code 15 consecutive times.
  7. If your ePass 2003 e-Token is locked due to wrong PIN, then download unblocking software and follow below steps.
  8. You can download Software end of this article, by clicking “Download Now” button.

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Unblock or Reset ePass 2003 Token